How young men make money in NY..

The movies have done a good job of showing us what young men do to make money in NY. I had a chance to meet a group of hilarious street dancers/acrobats.

At first you wonder what these guys are up to...

Then they started dancing to rap and making jokes like “dont be scared, we are only black,” and “if you give us the money we will be running so fast and there is no cop chasing us,” and my best was “you need to give us the money to keep us away from robbing your homes.” Very on point because the gathering was mainly white 🙂

The guys were so fit...very impressive abs...

Then they started doing their thing and from the look of things, flipping around was easy and a sure way of raising money. They also got the excited boys to queue as part of the action. Talk of innovation 🙂

The orange suits were nice too…..

Site seeing in New York…..

A few weeks ago I travelled to New York and had a chance to play tourist. Because I couldn’t go see caged animals and I am not a fan of museums and that kind of stuff, I decided to do what I don’t get to do in Nairobi.

Staten Island ferry station

When in the ferry I was wondering how to prove that I was in NY and could not get lady liberty very well…so I have to tell people..thats is it on the background, with some arguing that thats Mombasa ferry 🙂

Then, Javie, Sue and I got to pose as true tourists with NY on the background 🙂

Javie, Sue and Becks

After all that…. how can you leave NY without a drink? Well, I got mine 🙂

What can I say?

More photos coming….