Most people in Kenya are waiting with bated breath for the final arrival of the SEACOM fiber optic cable. The main day is this Thursday, July 23rd.
For most of us, we want to see whether friday will be different; whether the internet speeds in the office or at home will improve; whether the cost will be different next month.
Kenyans we are known to be optimist, which is very good, makes sure we absorb the shock very well and even when we are misled, we look at the brighter side and hope that things will improve anyway.
I recall seeing a question sent to SEACOM on twitter about what preparations that have been made with other ISPs in terms of routers and other gadgetry that an entity would need to switch to fiber and the answer was; that is a question for the ISP.
And that is very true because SEACOM is high up there and has nothing to do with the final delivery. So if you are still on your crappy satellite next year, do not say that SEACOM is here or TEAMS is there, just compel your ISP to do the needful.
For some reason I thought SEACOM would work with ISPs in ensuring that we can receive the service as soon as possible for instance, Wimax radio manufacturers enter into agreements with big telcos to supply radios at subsidized rates, which can then be supplied to customers in the chain to ensure efficient services.
So, I was expecting an answer like; we are working with this manufacturer to make sure that switches and whatever else will be available at affordable rates to ensure smooth switch over. Anyway, as they say, its the business of your ISP. But again, maybe am thinking more of my small time ISP, not the big boys.
I have also been wondering about the pricing; we are told it will be open access but the other day I read some news from South Africa that SEACOM will have the same pricing with SAT 3 in West Africa.
This made me wonder, if SAT 3 did not make a difference in West Africa with this pricing structure, what makes us think that SEACOM will do it for us?
I think am a bit pessimistic here but am hoping next week I will be writing more positive stuff.