My Travel diaries….. September in J’burg


Eiiish….Shiiish….aiii…asii….that is one of the most dreaded words, especially in a job interview, it can almost imply that you are not qualisfied or you not getting the job. Even when you ask people; how do I look and they make any of those sounds, then you know something is wrong.
So, when Lebo said Eishh….which is common in South Africa, I knew she was expecting something better. She was commenting about my face, how it was just basic and did not have any foundation or make up. So Lebo owned up by saying that people come to her when they have a bit of make up.
But am not used to make up, am a village girl and my face was testament to that. Either way, I decided to do something different while in J’burg or Jozi, just to get people’s reactions. So we got under way.
So this was me with the foundation. The job had just began…
Then we got to the rest of the business and at the end of it, I loved how I was looking…
In the end I had to tell Lebo that the Make over was inspired by Nadine from Ivory Coast who was Lebo’s first client and I was envious….
I cant get Nadine’s photo but here is Lebo…