There are two things that 680 hotel is known for; insecurity and poor service; now I have a third; harassment.

About three years ago, a friend was visiting town and I recommended 680 hotel, but he lost his valuables, I later came to learn that if you want to be mugged or to lose your valuables, book at 680.

So, I disliked the place and hasn’t been there since.

But when GG asked me to meet her there, I thought it was a good idea, they have a coffee shop down stairs; so I thought it was a good idea; I was wrong.

For some reason the watchman at 680 hotel waited till our meeting was done and before GG could even take ten steps, he came on to me and suggested that I move to another restaurant. He picked me out of a crowd and wondered why so I asked what rationale he had used.

I have never been hounded by a watchman at a Cafe; I would have expected that in one of those down town joints I frequent but not at a three star hotel in town.

The most annoying thing was the watchman started interfering with my laptop, grabbing it and in the meantime attracting some attention. I must have looked out of place, a hooker or something like that.

You can imagine GG at the stairs calling me wondering what was happening to me; 680 hotel has no internet and there is nothing that would have kept me idling there; its not my kind of place.

Anyway, so I went to the front office and talked to a guy called Patrick Kivoo, the manager or something like that. He started saying how there was break down of communication blabla…

From the experience, I understood why the hotel is so insecure; they have their priorities messed up; if you have rungu-wielding watchmen harassing customers, what do you expect?

Bit up to now, I have not understood what I did or did not do; I bought, no one said spend more and I didn’t; but that was the first time I was embarrassed.

So much for big hotels….