There is something always intriguing about banking transactions; there are times when the banks communicate very efficiently, especially when the customer is suspected of fraud.

But what happens when the bank suspects the other bank of less than transparent activities? They don’t care, its none of their business; its between you and you bank. Period!

Sample this; last year, I got a Barclaycard, which is has helped me in some of those travels at the same time, I gave instructions of direct debit from my account at Family Bank.

Family bank received instructions of the direct debit and on five random occasions, about shs. 9,500 has left my account to pay my card.

One problem; the money has never been received on the side of Barclays, card section or otherwise. When I ask Family Bank, the manager says that the money left my account and was transfered to Barclays bank pursuant to the direct debit instructions.

I raised the issue with Family Bank Sonalux branch manager, Arthur Washe and he was adamant that the money went to Barclays though he could not provide the evidence. I tried to ask for the account and branch the money was transfered to but to no avail.

To be honest, I feel the manager has treated me so unfairly that I resolved to close that account come the new year. I had opened that account because the previous manager, Francesca, was my friend and I was tempted to ask for her help in determining where the money actually was transfered to; but Washe should give this info.

I raised the issues with Barclaycard and after supplying statements and explaining the issues to five different customer care agents, nothing doing. Barclays even ditched email and wrote a letter explaining that the direct debit was not activated.

Again, my question is; if the two banks have a problems tracing where the money is, why will they not talk to each other? Isn’t it easier that way? I thought so, it would have made my work easier.

I wrote so many emails that Cynthia Kweya, a customer care rep at Barclays, decided to shove me from one agent to another and I have to explain over and over again and that is part of the reason I decided to write this post, at least I dont have to explain over and over again.

To any proper reasoning person, there should be no question, Family bank owes me the duty of care over my money and should explain where every cent was transfered to and which branch. That is what even the lawyers will tell you.

Just to understand how it goes, I spoke to a friend of mine from the anti banking fraud unit, who told me that an employee at Family bank could have transfered the money to a “suspense” account and from there the money can move anywhere.

That could be a fact supported by Barclays when they say that the money leaving my account was a fixed amount, and the card amount varies from month to month, which is true.

In short, Barclays was trying to tell me something fishy is going on at my bank. But they could not say it in so many words; just suggestions that I go back to my manager and try sort it out.

But when I emailed Arthur, the bank manager and introduced the fraudulent angle, he decided to ignore my emails. I agree that am a small customer who shs. 45,000 means a lot and therefore the manager may feel am wasting time.

So, am at a loss on what to do but I will ask my lawyer to do a demand letter and hopefully the manager will take his time and tell me where my money is.

Its so frustrating and I believe banking should not be frustrating and when it is, its a sign that its time to move on, but its not before I get my money. Where I come from there is one rule; thou shalt not leave your money, even the coins. Period.