What do old cars in a city say?


That importation of second hand cars is not a very big business.

Ethiopia has no port, the goods come through Djibouti, Port Sudan and Somaliland.
Am sure the port of Mombasa will get business if we can sort out road issues…. The great North road is mid way..
What do old cars in a city say?


  1. Goodmorning. I am visiting today from the blog awards. Congratulations on your nomination! You must be so excited!

    I have never thought about that before. I do see that there are a lot of older cars there. Wow. Are there a lot of mechanics also to keep them from breaking down?

  2. I saw similar taxis in Russia (Moscow) not too long ago…

    Ethiopia is a poor country but their taxi system is quite advanced in that the choice of cars is generally consistent with the economic position of the country’s inhabitants and the transport system seems to be better organized and orderly than in Kenya….Consider this:

    – Taxis are easily identifiable and there is an element of consistency, discipline and order. This is a major weakness in Kenya.

    – Choice of car model is such that it is easily accesible to the poor. In contrast, Taxis in Kenya are typically owned by the working class or wealthy businessmen as “on-the-side income”. Cab drivers are merely employed.

    – The cabs in Ethiopia are small enough to be pushed by one man in case of breakdown. A lot of practicality in the design. Kenyan cabs are generally newer models with complicated engines, power steering, auto transmission etc and very heavy.

    On the other hand I do believe that fuel (and many other things including food, airtime etc) are heavily subsidised in Ethiopia hence affordability of taxi rides… also could explain how the drivers can afford to roam around looking for passengers – like in some western countries – and still charge cheaply… Contrast with Kenya where the markets are liberalized and taxi owners/drivers are at the mercy of profit-hungry corporates and overzealous tax collectors. Not to mention Mafia-like cartels.

    Ok, we are comparing apples with tomatoes. I rest my case.


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