Interesting job offer for developers…


A friend of mine sent me this job advert for qualified developers; deadline this Friday..

Ever thought of moving your office to the beautiful islands of Seychelles?

We have a one-of-a-life-time opportunity for professionals to join our young and dynamic software team to design and develop world-class software systems for the local and international tourism industry.

We are a leading Information Technology company in Seychelles with over 20 years of experience in developing and supporting software and other IT solutions to over 300 customers in the banking, offshore, tourism and other sectors of the Seychelles economy.

.NET Systems Analyst & Software Engineer/Programmer

Job Summary:
•Analyze, research, design, develop, test, implement and support computer software applications.

•C# and VB.NET Frameworks
•2 years minimum commercial experience in .NET languages (ASP.NET, .NET XML Web Services and other .NET Integration technologies, .NET LINQ)
•2 years experience working with SQL databases (MS SQL or others).
•Experience with Object Oriented Design and concepts.
•Building reputable technical skill with SOA Application Design and Implementation
•Degree in Computer Science subject or equivalent.
•Have strong and proven analytical/problem-solving skill
•Ability to speak and write English fluently.

Preference will be given to candidates with the following knowledge and experience in:
•MS SQL 2005 upwards, .NET framework 3.5, .NET RIA Services, LINQ, Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, Expression Blend, Microsoft Silverlight, WPF, WWF & WCF, SharePoint & MOSS

Contract: 1 – 2 years
Package: Work permit, air fares and accommodation provided.
Salary: All salaries are negotiable and commensurate with work experience and qualifications.
All applicants must be extremely customer-focused, reliable, professional team players.

Please mail or email a CV to:HR Department
VCS (Pty) Limited
PO Box 1000
Victoria, Mahé, Seychelles.
Email to:
Tel: +248 676000Fax: +248 324056


  1. Hi Wanjiku,

    You have an amazing blog which I ‘lurk’ around but please allow to take liberties with an extra long comment.

    Seychelles is a beautiful place.

    But just to add a few things to consider for anyone thinking of relocating

    Ensure salary negotiations are in foreign currency as if I am not wrong there is exchange control to some extent.
    Cost of living – take cost of living in Nairobi and give it a factor of 4 or 5 . Seriously.
    Negotiate for a company car. Second hand cars are not allowed in and buying a car there is very expensive. Too hot and humid to zoom around in a bus.
    If moving with school going children – education standards are below par unless you put your children in one of the two private schools. Negotiate for children schooling in this private schools beforehand.
    If married and moving with spouse who intends to work ensure her/his job is guaranteed before you move. Getting a work permit once there for spouse is next to impossible.
    No nannies/housemaids – and you will not get a visa for one so if moving with a working spouse and children know it is daycare for the children under 3. daycare costs 700-900 USD per month or more
    Prepare for minor inconviniences – like no carrots, onions in the country for maybe up to two weeks at a time, empty -ish supermarkets etc. May not be such a problem but if you have babies less than two the diet will have to be from the selected limited fresh vegetables available. And unlike Nairobi fresh vegetable do cost more.
    Expect an extremely liberal dress attitude and relationship attitudes – this is what you and your family will be exposed to.

    All this means though the salary may seem to be high the costs are also quite high. Please talk to someone who has worked and lived there before packing up.

    **For single people under 28 it is definately easier, just make sure you get paid well and get a car to zoom around in. Oh and put aside a budget for drinking. Alcohol is expensive 🙂

    Good luck to anyone interested.

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