The other day, a friend texted me to say that she was sad Nigeria was losing. I don’t remember her being a football fan so out of courtesy I said “it’s great that Nigeria has such a fan”. The reply made me laugh “I am not a football fan, I a m a World Cup fan.”

It reminded me of how this month there will be several people in pubs and restaurants silencing others with their punditry. Some have no clue; others do but they all claim to be experts of sorts.

Given that matches are played every day, women have no choice but to learn some terms and withstand the two hour torture without the soap operas or movies; after all, it happens once every four years.

The problem with us women is that even when we know nothing about the team or the game, we want to contribute. In the process, the names are mangled and jumbled and if you ask deeper questions like who is the captain of that team or where does this footballer play, you realize the knowledge is based on quick sand.

Its not wrong to take a quick lesson and it doesn’t mean that all men know about soccer but even in a pub, all I want to do is watch it; don’t talk to me or offer your punditry, don’t bring funny celebrations or over do it because we are all there to have fun.

So, we all have our version of overnight pundits and others who don’t care but whatever it is; I think people are allowed because it is the world cup!