There is something about people, internet and their laptops. I think if you want people to become the absolute anti-social, make sure they have internet- at least for the addicts. You almost do not talk to the person seated next, and if you do, then it is an absolute necessity.

On the referendum day, the iHub was buzzing and there were more laptops than you can think, after all, there was proof that this was going to be a very tech day for the team monitoring via

Being at the iHub on the day, you get to help a bit and work at the same time and get to catch up if you find someone you know or if you find the time. Well, I always get time to chit chat in between the emails and calls, if the photo below is anything to go by.

Thanks to Erik, for alerting me of this photo, I was looking quite busy, on phone, on the laptop and all… but I guess I was just acting busy.


From bird’s eye view, we all look very busy….


Maybe if I wasn’t acting busy I would have been busy playing fusball in the background like people would do once in a while.
But when I realized the camera was zooming on me, I had to smile, you never know who will see the photo 🙂


Thanks to Daudi and Erik for the photos 🙂