Last year, Facebook announced that it had partnered with MTN to provide Facebook access to mobile phone users at no cost; meaning that even if your phone has no credit, you get to send emails and other stuff via facebook.

This year, Safaricom announced that Facebook access will be free to its subscribers. The Safaricom portal has been free but I doubt many people were using it.

For people with internet access or means to access, such an offer doesn’t sound attractive, after all, many of us think Facebook has become a bit too much and idlers are there too.

But think about it, I have received facebook friend requests from poeople who previously did not have an email address and could not text, preferring to call and pass the message. The ideas of interaction and the unsolicited personal information has attracted many people who would want to catch up but cant because of one reason or another.

Like in my village, many more people are on facebook than you can imagine; they catch up online then meet to laugh at what the other had written as their status message and for those who dont know how to update, it becomes a lesson.

So, why is Facebook becoming more common apart from the cost issue? It is a perfect forum to catch up and for those who love gossiping or passing on information, it becomes a good market place.

But apart from that, accessing facebook at no cost is likely to increase the number of people online and the next step will be for people to learn how to leverage on the number of people online to market their goods and services.

Long before facebook was zero, online dating and singles camping trips had made use of online communities who would love to hook up and enjoy the anonymity provided or just the chance to meet new people.

So, businesses seem to have developed through facebook but are we likely to see an explosion of businesses making use of facebook as a market forum?