Yesterday, a friend called me needing help with internet; the office, with about four computers pays shs. 10,000 per month but they can not even access the net. Being an old school person has its advantages and disadvantages.

Lets just say that I was shocked beyond words when I saw the invoice; the company was paying 10k for 16kbps/32kbps; I did not even know such a link exists, its so 1990’s.

At first I was shocked then I was mad at the Internet Service Provider, why had they not at least told them to upgrade? Why had they not lowered the cost, or at least suggested to the customer that they can get more for less?

I use 2mbps/2mbps shared service (1:8) and the eight users of desktops and laptops have no complaints, it costs 7k per month and I thought with 10k you should get better service.

What advise did I give? I told them to change ISPs, I am biased of course but I thought its wrong for the ISP to take advantage of ignorant clients who do not bother to confirm what they were getting.

This doesn’t mean that the company is off the hook; why have they not engaged the ISP to see how the service can get better? I think they should have called to know how the entry of fiber optic cables makes a difference in their lives.

I know there are so many companies who are paying the same cost they have been paying for the last five years, I think they should wake up ad smell bandwidth and increased competition.

So, we complain that the cost is high, but there are other gullible ones who continue paying for crappy service and do not bother to ask questions to the ISPs, its sad but am sure there are many out there.