The other day Linda was telling me how her mum has discovered Youtube, how to search for music and the many things she is enjoying online. The debate came from discussions about her internet connection at home.

Linda enjoys 1mbps connection at a cost of 6k a month and even though its marketed as a shared connection, when you are out of town you basically enjoy a dedicated connection, maybe not buts closer to that.

In the discussion we were talking about collateral advantages of having a connection and how at times we think the connection will benefit only one person but ends up benefitting a bunch of other people or at least they discover other online uses.

The Youtube debate also came up when I was telling a friend to put a connection at home, and he felt that the young women and men in the house were addicted to Youtube and wouldn’t use the connection for any educational purposes. My position has always been that people will outgrow and start making real uses with the connection.

So, I decided to check out Kenyan music and see who is accessing and the numbers are impressive. For instance, I checked out Lois Kim music, which is popular and saw that some of the tracks have 94k views, it may be repeats but that s impressive. Check it here

Then I checked Kenyan comedy and the numbers were equally impressive. Check it out here

The bottom line is that if content is to be accessed online, then music is a good indicator compared to stuff like my blog which can be a bit technical and more for tech audiences. But we know many people do not want to be bogged down with DNSSEC, IPv6 and other issues that can make many go to sleep.

Yes, music is a good indicator, just check out one of Ruth Wamuyu songs, thats a love song, with 275k views, here it is

Those are just some of the songs I could get or I know are popular, if you know others, share them.