For many people, when I said I bungee jumped or wanted to, they thought, how crazy can you be? Others thought I had lost it. To some extent yes, coz I remember lacking the words when I called my mum to say I arrived safely. I could not call her before going to the Victoria Falls coz I wasnt sure I would come back safe, its always a gamble.

Can imagine me explaining to my mum “nyuma kuruga ndaraca-ini handu maikagia mundu ta kigutha” loosely translated to mean I was at the bridge where they catapult you below. Sounds absurd considering that most of our lives are interesting enough and may not need some of the risks.

However, I had made up my mind, if I was in Livingstone, I wanted to do the bungee and no amount of pressure would make me bark off, thats why I could not tell my mum before hand, am sure she would have talked me out of it or called me every five minutes to know if I was ok.

Victoria Falls has 100% records, there has been no accidents but there’s always a first. I must say that the guys are very good, professional and funny. You start on the slide, which is just the wire from one end to the other….its gives you a taste of what to expect.

I was determined and there was no turning back; but the free fall feeling is something… by the time I was 110 meters below, I remember thinking, I must be crazy. By the time they throw you up and down…. you feel the stretch on the ankles.

The funny thing was, I never asked the guys how I was supposed to come up, but I knew I had to….and I finally did…. It was all worth it!

Was it crazy? Maybe….