Just in case you were wondering what peering and interconnection is all about, its the climax of that debate on local content and reduction of internet costs.
To understand the debate well, you need to be clued in basic tech jargon otherwise you might get lost in there. But its interesting to listen, if you are an IT manager and did not make it to the meeting.
As indicated below, there are various ways you can participate whether you have low or high bandwidth, there are many options and the twitter hashtag is #afpif.
Here is a message posted by Michuki Mwangi on how you can participate remotely.
“Courtesy of AfriNIC and NITA, we are pleased to inform you that remote
participation for the AfPIF-2 meeting starting on 8 – 9 August, 2011
from 0900 UTC/GMT will be available on the following;

+ MP3 Live Audio stream in English from;

– http://streaming.afrinic.net:8000/ Click on afpif-2

or directly

– http://streaming.afrinic.net:8000/afpif-2

+ Web (Flash video) Video Stream from;

– http://www.livestream.com/peeringforum

+ Jabber Conference Room

– A web based Jabber room is available at http://jabber.afpif.org
** Template to use the web based jabber room is available at

** The Server should be “jabber.afpif.org

– For those with jabber clients the server is

+ Tweeter

– Search for the afpif hash tag #afpif

+ The Agenda is published and available at;

Should you have any problems, please feel free to let us know by email
to mwangi@isoc.org and morris@isoc.org.

Our sincere appreciation to AfriNIC and NITA for their support in
provision of this services.

We look forward to your remote participation.”