In September 2010, ICT Board announced that the Companies registry had been automated. You can read the update on ICT Board website.

When I hear the word digitization, I think that the most basic functions will now be available at the click of a button. Well, if you go to the companies registry to incorporate a company, you have to search whether the name is already registered.

Lets search for one of the oldest company, Uchumi Limited, it is likely that there are several companies with the name Uchuni, like Uchumi chemicals etc…. see below what the site brings out.

A search of Uchumi limited yields a blank page

Maybe Uchumi is too old, let us try a younger company, Innova Limited 🙂

Innova limited search yields another blank

And who got the tender to do the website? 3Mice, one of the oldest tech companies in Kenya, they have been doing this kind of stuff for long and I would have expected better.

3mice branded the website as their work....

When researching for more information on the extent of the digitization, I remember the debate going on on twitter and the ICT board referred me to this page, which has the forms for download, but I want to search and pay via Mpesa for name reservation!

When I asked Paul Kukubo, ICT board CEO, how much was paid, he referred me to the tender page and I could not get the tender and the amount. I was however reliably informed that the site cost Ksh. 62 million to develop or maybe it was part of a wider digitization process of scanning and putting the forms up for access especially with slow speeds etc…

The announcement was in 2010, you would expect that even in the case of hitches, they would have been patched up by now.

Well, I still want to do that basic search online before I can even access the forms…..