After witnessing declining Average Revenue Per User (ARPU), mobile operators are now turning to mobile advertising and campaign management platforms to push spending up.

Indian firm- Flytxt has developed technology that brings out subscriber insights based on past service consumption patterns and enables cellular service providers to highly customize service offerings, while communicating them in a timely manner.

Ever wondered why you receive certain texts from your mobile operator? For instance if you search medical websites, you are likely to receive e-health texts or if you search for love or sports gear, you are likely to receive more targeted messages.

The platform allows operators to customize offerings depending on demographics, age etc and even time. For instance, if the line is dormant for sometime, you are likely to receive more promotional texts compared to a line that is constantly use. This is depended on operator preferences. This is not the same as the short code operators that spam and charge illegal costs, these promotions are usually from the operator.

Recently, Flytxt signed a deal with Warid Telecom in Uganda and Congo Brazaville and with Zantel in Zanzibar. The platform will help in marketing and campaign management.

“Today’s prepaid markets are dynamically changing and require not just real-time insights about mobile subscribers, but also the ability to communicate with them in an interactive and personalized fashion. Only innovations such as these help mobile operators to forge a strong bond with their subscribers and develop a loyal, long term relationship with them. Flytxt is a technology pioneer in mobile marketing with a strong presence in the industry and we are delighted to bring its industry leading technology purpose built for Telcos,” said Shailendra Naidu, Chief Commercial Officer at Warid Uganda.

“We are extremely happy about partnering with Warid Uganda and Warid Congo B. They are one of the most innovative mobile operators in Africa committed to create value for its subscribers. Flytxt has proven itself in Telco ecosystem as a leading player in enabling the most matured technology and marketing practices to generate incremental revenue for operators across emerging markets. We look forward to working with the most forward thinking operators in Africa, Warid Congo B and Warid Uganda, to enable personalized offer communications and improved experience for its mobile subscriber base,” said Vinod Vasudevan, Group CEO of Flytxt