After launching the Galaxy note II in more prestigious/economically higher etc.. markets, Samsung finally launched it in Nairobi today. Two weeks ago, there was a grand launch in Cape Town, South Africa.

Samsung has already elbowed Nokia out of the low end segment of the market, and is now seeking to dominate the more lucrative smartphone market. The smart phone has changed the business landscape right from business meetings, bank transfers, editing documents, mobile office, digital planners, and calendars. South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria are the leading markets for smart phones in Africa.

The Samsung Galaxy note II is for anyone who wants to be creative, experimental and productive. The distinctive features for the galaxy note II are about technology and hardware. This phone has powerful performance processor, perfect viewing experience and a wider screen. It is the first android 4.1 operating system.

It is also a multitasking device, such that while talking you can also take notes, you can also open multiple windows on it. For example, you can open the browser and open the window for making notes because it comes with multi screens. It also has quality air view and you can use the S Pen to preview your pictures, calendar and planner.

The S pen and the S memo features, gives you shape matched and better handwriting features. Note II has one of the best hardware and strongest batteries. For the photographer the Samsung Galaxy note II comes with multi functions for the camera.  You can preselect the mode and template on which you can take the picture; you can also do still photography while doing videography.

As part of been a leader in innovation the Samsung Galaxy note II comes with a 24 months warrant and e warranty.

Questions raised during the launch were:

1. What is the price of the new mobile? And in terms of digital divide in the market what is Samsung doing?

A: Samsung has launched a number of affordable smart phones including the galaxy pocket whose price ranges between Kshs 9,000 and Kshs 9,500 and is small in size with applications and features of any smart phone and android.

The note II Galaxy costs Kshs 62,000 at the retail market.

2. There has been controversy between Samsung products and Apple about patenting and copywriting how is this going to affect the new product?

A: The controversy is not about the manufacturing process, Samsung products or technology, there have been legal issues, as is the case, when companies are manufacturing similar products. This controversy is about the shape of the product. At Samsung we are committed to be ahead of our competitors. We are the only company manufacturing a note in the industry. We started this in last year and we are committed to innovating new technologies in the market.

3. What is Samsung’s strategy in addressing the Digital Divide in Africa?

A:  We are looking at Africa and saying we are not going to emphasis on voice and SMS only but place ourselves where Africa is going tomorrow in terms of digital operations and internet use. We are creating new avenues for internet penetration in the market. While others are walking out of the African market we are doing exactly the opposite and walking in.

We have also been in Kenya for a number of years now and we are establishing infrastructure and investing in human resources, for example, the engineering academy in Kenya as a way of investing in Africa.

4. Given that Galaxy Note II is for businesspeople are there supporting devices, for example, when there is no power and you need to use the device?

Samsung Galaxy note II has a powerful battery. Power consumption depends on how you use and what you use it for. We also have two power saving modes programmed in it, the standard and custom power saving modes.