After five years at the helm of the Kenya ICT Board, Paul Kukubo is leaving his post as CEO and Taking over as the head of the East Africa Commodities Exchange. No website yet but you can read more about it here. Paul’s contract was renewed in 2010 for three years through this Gazette notice.

Victor Kyalo, the Deputy CEO at the board is also set to leave, to go back to teaching at the University of Nairobi, but he will probably not take long before he bounces back to the ICT sector 🙂 He lectures/teaches electrical engineering at the University.

Victor Kyalo

Paul and Victor have been leading lights in Kenya’s ICT industry and are responsible for setting up the board and showing its relevance to other ministries but with the e-gov directorate, you understand why the roles were confused.

Now its time for all in the industry to forget all those things we never liked with the board and start with all the nice things, and how we will miss them. Yes, seriously 🙂

And here I go………

During their leadership, the government of Kenya was able to appreciate technology and innovation, opened its data for developers, and set up the youth fund, which was supposed to supplement venture capital and savings.

Who can forget Tandaa……. The content grants, they made some folks rich, some skipped town while others realized running business is hard.

IBM set up a research lab, government is contributing Ksh 170 million and the staff is being sourced from the best universities globally, given that Kenya has no capacity.

During its earlier years, maybe first or second, the board supported BPOs, in fact, I think that was the main reason it was formed, but priorities have changed.

Who is taking over?

Eunice Kariuki is the deputy CEO and can be expected to take over, if there is no argument that we need fresh blood to be injected…… or some other argument like that.

So, what do you have to say about the duo? You can put your nice things in the comments 🙂