MultiChoice Africa has revealed that in the week before Easter, it will double its prizemoney – such that if you pay on time and enjoy unbroken services you could win KSh1.2 million in cash. This is part of the DStv REWARDS campaign to hand out large cash prizes to loyal subscribers .

In the past five weeks five weeks, a whopping Sh3 million has been paid out here in Kenya, with five loyal subscribers getting Sh600,000 each. That’s because by simply paying their subscription fee before they were disconnected, they received a Money Drop to remember!

A delighted Chris Mugambi Kimathi, a medical doctor by profession, was the week one winner followed in rapid succession over the next four weeks by Wilson Kamama, Lucy Ngigi, Paolo Karanja and Margaret Wanjiku. Today, Rapid Communications Chief Executive Officer, Anwar Majid Hussein was the sixth lucky winner.

MultiChoice Africa CEO Nico Meyer is pleased that DStv consumers are winning with REWARDS while also staying connected to the best sports, movies, news, music, lifestyle, documentary and kids programming available in Africa.

“Congratulations to all our winners, I hope you enjoyed spending your winnings. If you haven’t won yet, you still have a chance because there are still 5 weeks of cash prizes ahead, including one bonanza week just before Easter when the prize is doubled. And of course, everyone can walk away smiling with our special 10% discount offer, which knocks 10% off the subscription price for those people who pay before they are disconnected and who enjoy unbroken service. So with DStv, you really get so much more!”

Meanwhile, the winners have been filmed celebrating their good news on the inserts screened during the exciting game show The Money Drop on the AfricaMagic channels. While still at it, the DStv SPOT THE BOX promotion is also underway and only requires you to spot the reward box and SMS it together with your name for a chance to win. .

Ken Moses (DStv Access), Charlotte Kabugi (DStv Compact), Robert Bundotich Morogo (DStv Family) and Winnie Kimeu (DStv Premium) are among the lucky winners who won a full year’s subscription to their current bouquet.

With so many ways to win with DStv, it’s clear that time is of the essence.  Which explains DStv’s newest advertising slogan …everything else can wait!