Some days back, I visited the ICT Board to chat with Victor Kyalo about the digital villages project. I remember when I wrote about the launch in 2008, there was so much hype and I wanted to find if the hype was still there.

I found that there has been challenges, from recipients buying cars, investing in other things to success. I also found out one nice thing; women recipients showed more commitment, which was good for women in ICT.

I must admit that lending people Ksh 800,000 to 2 million is a great idea but if the business case isn’t proven, you cant blame the people who felt it was better to buy a car for public image, or even to operate as a taxi.

Why wouldn’t such loans be given to thriving businesses that lack capital to finance projects? You can imagine Victor gave me a long winding answer that seemed to say that such a project is in the offing.

I am writing a review of the board’s performance in the various areas, according to my knowledge and experience. If you have views of how the board has performed, whether positive or negative, please share by giving me a blog post.

I gave Paul Kukubo and his team a chance to write weeks ago but he declined or is yet to keep his promise or (insert your excuse here).

Topics that come to mind:

1. BPO

2. Chipuka

3. Ease of doing business, how has the board improved government processes in the last six years?

4. Tandaa grants

5. Pasha

6. Silicon Savannah/ Silicon Kelele, depending on which side you are

7. Government telephony, interconnection, I hear Dimension Data got a contract or Ksh 32 million or $ 32 million (ksh 270 million) depending on who you talk to. If you know anything, please share.

8. Most exotic place that board has gone to present about Kenya’s success- this is a humour piece.

9. Most outrageous promise made or achieved

10. An open letter to the next board CEO


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