This week, the talk is about Connected Kenya Summit. There are more than 400 private and public sector folks to discuss ways to improve Kenya. The summit has cost more than Ksh 50 million.

The ICT Board may not have raised the whole amount, maybe less than sh 8 million. The majority of the money is from sponsors. Look at the link on sponsors page of Connected Kenya, what do you see?

These are mostly international companies? How do they make money?

Last month, I asked the guys at IBM why they invest a lot of money in flying in senior execs into the country and paying them to provide free services to the government. Tony Mwai said that they invest in knowing the ecosystem and how people in government work.

I think if you talk to many of the international companies here, the investment will bear fruits. Next time there is a major tender, they will deal with people they know, they will probably be the guys that will design and draw the tender documents.

There are local companies sponsoring but you can see who dominates.

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