Main lesson at Connected; Orange/Telkom Kenya, KDN, Fail to deliver


Orange and KDN were the data sponsors for the connected conference and guess what? The whole of day one had little or no connectivity. Why?

Orange probably has the largest connectivity in Kenya and KDN brags of the largest connectivity in the region but for some reason, this conference connectivity seemed to beat them.

The frustrations reminded me of the days Skunworks could host the annual bar camp and would have more than 100 computers connected at the same time and the network was good and at that time the providers were not as generous as as they are.

So, I ask again, two of Kenya’s largest ISPs, why cant they make it work?






  1. ok, so what about day 2 the connection was working very well for me, after the two providers admittedly corrected the coverage frequency, as they put up similar WiFi equipment and did not align the frequencies. I tested KDN from the switch port they provided and recorded a 100 Mbps speed. Secondly what about the live stream which was seamlessly working from the first to the last minute and seen all over East Africa and followed?

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