For the last four years, the Kenya ICT Board has held an annual Connected Kenya meeting, a forum where private and public sector folks meet to discuss ways to improve Kenya’s ICT status etc. This is my first time at Connected and I must admit I dont know much, for more info, you can visit or the connected website.

For the more intelligent talks about Connected, I will share a list of the intelligent tech blogs, I will be writing more on the sideshows. The first sideshow was the Oracle Open Day, which was held at the Nyali Golf Club.

The best thing with some of these events is that it gives you an opportunity to do things you would otherwise not do, for instance, playing golf. Growing up in Kiambu, the best I could do is peep at the lush greens at Kiambu Golf Club. I never thought that I could even play but money is a good thing, even when its not your money, it is still a great thing.

As a social climber, I couldn’t pass off a day to play golf, forget that I had never held a golf club in my life, but hey, Oracle had factored all these scenarios and paid for a clinic, for those of us not used to these things.

Kopan Timbe was the resident professional taking us through the training session and I can imagine the things he had seen people do with those clubs. For me, it was easy, he suggested I imaging the club as a slasher and you know people are used to manual labour when they swing that thing with all the Ugali they have taken.

You can imagine my excitement when I won the chipping competition, it was a surprise, either way, I won 🙂

So, I began with the basics


Eye on the ball



I didn’t seem to be doing badly 🙂

Becky swing



During the clinic, Chris Kiagiri, Google Tech lead came around, said he had played a round on Friday but had no handicap etc but was encouraged to hit some balls. He hit some very nicely and for others, he cut grass very nicely and some were wayward. I told him how he was an inspiration because it showed that we could also improve.

He also won a fancy prize later in the evening and here we are 🙂

With Kiagiri