The internet has been poor at Connected KE, which is good because it makes people concentrate more and not look at their laptops and phones and are not as cranky, I am sure folks at Orange and KDN, who are connectivity sponsors have their reasons.

I got too read the ICT Board progress report and the total expenditure for the year ending June 2011 is interesting. The board’s expenditure for 2009/2010 was Ksh 888.8 million while for the 20102011 the total was Ksh 1.9 billion. How about that for growth.

Grants and other income are at sh 1.6 b for 2011 compared to sh 648 million the previous year.  Grants alone are at sh 194 million.This shows that the board is now attracting more donors and government contribution. Shows that the board has either shown their value or have found a nice way to make people more easy with the money.

Human resource costs are at Ksh 60 million, which is almost what was paid the previous year. Most of the top level management salaries are paid directly by the World Bank. Operating costs are at sh 88 million.

One of the other interesting points is the the eight or so board members take home sh 4 million every year as directors fees which is a reduction from the sh 9 million paid the previous year. If you divide that, it isn’t bad as sitting allowances.

If you like and have no conflict of interest like I do, maybe you can get appointed to the board and you can take home some of this money as well as other benefits not necessarily outlined here.

If you are not connected enough to get the board position or you see yourself as a better servant as a consultant, then dust your CV. In 2011, the board paid sh 298 million to consultants compared to sh 257 million paid the previous year.

Then the kicker, the board has surplus of sh 247 million compared to sh 240 million the previous year. Now, does this money go back to treasury or to some investment account the board has? Some SMEs have been complaining about accessing small loans, can’t we get like sh 100 million of this surplus?

When I was in high school, I read the story of the two nation builders. The gist was that there was this guy yawning because he had overfed for lunch and the was the other guy yawning because he was on empty. The upshot is that we all have choices.