Are you a registrar or domain reseller who is tired of selling affordable domains from .com .net .org etc? Well, brace yourself because you can sell third level domains at an even higher cost. is a company incorporated in the US or EU but if you like, you can get a litany of the African countries the company wants to set up in. It will be selling domains to registrars ar $20 that means that the registrar can only sell it more expensively, depending on services.

Why would I pay more than $20 for when I can get a more direct domain?  The company is sponsoring ICANN meeting in South Africa so it must be well funded.

Personally I think its a rip off. The cost should be way lower. We are trying to make it lower and competitive, not exploit.

The company is getting registry services from CentralNIC, so its not like it has set up somewhere on the continent and is offering jobs.

Yes, you can offer services from anywhere but a third level at that cost?