Yesterday, before I wrote this post I had a tel con with Kachwanya and he said “oh my gosh, I was supposed to send you something and I haven’t,” to which I responded, “I am actually writing the post this afternoon.” This conversation had started on twitter earlier last week.
I wasn’t surprised to receive the email below, as a response to the post. There is a rule in journalism that if you are given the chance to comment and you don’t, then you waive the chance to say it wasn’t fair.
I will not go into a shouting match or altercation over what is right or what is not, just that I am not saying that I have the moral high ground, indeed, given similar powers, I would probably do the same. You know, you my leadership position, get deals coming to the association and divert it to my many side hassles 🙂
All what I am saying is; expand the table for others who have the fork and knife. Let others new and old come, if you get the feet, liver, intestines or the colon, thats what you get, but at least they are sitting on the feeding table.
Who wouldn’t like to receive a free S4 from Samsung, to review and not give back?
Maybe its the communication of the opportunities coming in and what is what, I don’t know but I just want those who want to eat from the table to also have a chance. I am all for BAKE and I will always root for it, let there be more people getting chances 🙂
Read on………
“Dear Wanjiku

The BAKE Management Office at Nailab is always open to all bloggers. This notion that there some people more special in BAKE than the others does not hold. If that is the perception that we give, we will work on correcting it. We are always available in person, on phone, Facebook, Twitter, Google+  and via e-mail to respond to any queries.

As for the Transparency and how much money BAKE has made. We have only done three commercial ad campaigns, one with Kiwi, one with Samsung and one with Nokia. In Kiwi and Samsung cases BAKE paid the bloggers involved 90% while BAKE remained with 10%. The 10% in question ware 20K for Samsung and 12K for Kiwi.

The Nokia campaign is not yet settled and when its done, it will be closer to the other two scenarios. We have done a number of quotations to companies and most of them are still under considerations.

So is the public perception is that BAKE has made money and the so called Kitchen Cabinet has eaten it or what? Also I feel like saying people have to suck to us is malicious. To say the truth when a company asked for bloggers in certain category, we give the names of all those who agreed that their names can be given out and have identified themselves as falling on a given category. I hope you read the survey we sent out to all the members. By the way I checked and you did not fill.

As a founding member, I feel that you can help BAKE grow. We are willing to work with you on any project you feel we should undertake as BAKE.  Please get in touch as soon as you are ready.

Having said all that, you have and will continue to have the freedom to blog on whatever you want.