Telecommunication Service Providers of Kenya (TESPOK) has launched the Industry Computer Security quarterly report. The launch was preceded over by TESPOK chairman Mr. Tom Omariba, TESPOK CEO Ms Fiona Asonga and the Chief Guest Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK) Director General Mr. Francis Wangusi among other stakeholders.

The Industry Computer Security Incident Response Team (iCSRIT) was established in 2009 with the aim of ensuring network security and integrity at the Kenya Internet Exchange Point (KIXP). In 2002 an upgrade of the iCSIRT process began to enable TESPOK provide KIXP peering members proactive as opposed to reactive support. The improvement on the iCSRIT has had TESPOK provide robust monitoring to the industry players and the larger business community as well.

Internet related issues are addressed by all telecommunications service providers, regardless of the technologies deployed to meet customer needs. The security of the networks over which the general public and business community engage is of importance to provision of services by the Kenya Internet Exchange Point.

“Cyber security awareness is important. At TESPOK, we have observed that cyber security awareness amongst the general public is rather low. We would like to sensitize the end users on what precautions to take when they go online.” said Tom Omariba, Chairman TESPOK.

The Director General CCK Mr. Wangusi vowed to accord TESPOK all the support they require to make this initiative a success. He was quick to mention that CCK is now working together with service providers as opposed to been a regulator with a ‘hawk’s eye’ on their operations

TESPOK not only launched the Industry Computer Security quarterly reports but also the CyberUsalama Awareness initiative. The quarterly reports and the CyberUsalama initiative will provide alerts on any vulnerability on networks and also help organizations stay safe online given the increase in Cyber space crimes.

The 21st century is dominated by internet as the medium of communication. Internet is being used in daily transactions in businesses and major institutions among them banks and government departments. However, the major challenge facing the internet today is: How does one ensure a safe cyber environment?

Through quarterly reports and CyberUsalama initiative benefits of Network Security to organizations will be realized. Some of the benefits enjoyed by secure business networks include;

  • ·         Protection from business disruption which will help keep employees productive
  • ·         Help company meet mandatory regulatory compliance
  • ·         Reduces risk of legal action from clients/end users due to data theft
  • ·         Helps protect the reputation of an organization which is the most important asset

With the launch of the industry computer security quarterly reports, network operators and end users will be able to curb any security threats to their networks and avoid damage to secret and sensitive information about the organization.

Therefore organizations are urged to subscribe to iCSRIT services to ensure network safety for effective transactions.

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