It seems that any CEO who takes over at Kenic will have to budget for a year tops, thats sad but true. If you do not have background on Kenic, the .ke registrar and its shenanigans, you can read most of the stuff here.

Earlier this month, Kenic fired Anthony Wambugu, the CEO who took over about a year ago. I tried to ask the reasons why he was fired and I must say that I cant publish them without appearing to be hitting below the belt. The reasons are founded, because when I asked Anthony he alluded there was an element of truth but they are also very personal. They are the kind that someone is fired and no one wants to talk about it.

So, What is wrong with Kenic?

There is nothing wrong with Kenic, it had turnover of Ksh 30m last year and this year the numbers have surpassed Ksh 35 million. Given that they fired the “expensive” employees and replaced them with cheaper, more affordable ones, you can imagine the profits.

The problem is with the Communications Commission of Kenya, they want to control everything, and the areas you want them to control, they don’t, think about it, we have been demanding better service from mobile and internet service providers, what does CCK do, they are busy traveling from one hotel to another and issuing press releases on how they now want everyone to host their sites locally (you can insert your own expletive or other word here) and wonder what business they have dictating where you  host. You can read more about how CCK wants more sites hosted locally and then after you are done you can read this post I did last year of CCK hosting its site abroad.

Maybe the reasons are unfounded, CCK has the public interest at heart in wanting to depart from international standards and license a top level domain registrar, to do that, you have to first kill Kenic as it is today, no matter how profitable it is, because we must know who is the boss. You can read an article I did on the dissolution of Kenic  and another one explaining the process they would have to go through at ICANN and IANA to change both the administrative and technical contact, you can read this article that delves into the history on Kenic.

The Katundu factor

Michael Katundu is probably the oldest board member at Kenic and for some reason he seems to either be the scapegoat or the source of  all the mess at Kenic. You talk to people and they point at him.

My question, how about the other board members, are they marionettes, puppets or members of an orchestra out to follow directives from Katundu. From the website, they still identify Anthony Wambugu as the CEO.

Seriously, look at the list of board members, can they all be acting at the behest of one man?

The current Board members and their representative organizations, are:

  • Dr. Jimmy Macharia – Kenya Education Network (KENET) -Chairperson
  • Kris Senanu – Telecommunications Services Providers Association of Kenya (TESPOK) – Vice-Chairperson
  • Michael Katundu – Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK)
  • Francis Wangusi -Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK)
  • Rose Maghas – Domain Registrars Association of Kenya (DRAKE)
  • Charles Nduati – Kenya Private Sector Association (KEPSA)
  • Abraham Ondeng – Ministry of Information and Communication (MOIC)
  • Anthony Wambugu- CEO Kenya Network Information Center(KeNIC)

Now, I may not know much about the goings on at Kenic but, something doesn’t add up. Let us wait and see what policy fall in place.