Just like many sectors of the economy, the adoption of innovative approaches and technological advancement is revolutionising education across the globe and challenging the way schools operate. This technological advancement has seen investment in virtual infrastructure that enables convenient, on demand network access to information and a host of other shared pool of resources.

Newly established Edulink International College with their Instructor led training, now is one of the forward looking institutions that has introduced a cloud-based learning resources platform as part of its teaching methodology through a partnership with APTECH. APTECH is a world leader in computer education has trained over 7 million people worldwide. Edulink International College will deliver a range of courses such as ACCP (Software Development) and Arena Multimedia programme (Multimedia & Animation).

Dubbed ‘onlinevarsity’, the platform is a unique collaborative platform through which APTECH students will have an opportunity to go beyond classroom learning (Classroom lectures and notes).  They have accessibility to dynamic learning material including expert videos, industry articles, job market trends and industry best practices.

“With the world constantly shifting to the virtual platform, we believe that education too should move beyond the classrooms. Onlinevarsity is APTECH’s collaborative cloud-based learning resources platform for all its students. In addition to learning from the experience and knowledge of faculty members, students receive all their study material on the portal. Students gets deeper understanding of subjects through interactive ebooks, and relevant articles and blogs, Collaboration with expert tutors from around the world,” said Sudhir Gupta, Academic Manager, Edulink International College

The platform also saves on cost and time for both the students and institution. “There is no headache of ordering/shipping and storing of books. Student get the flexibility of reading material as per their convenience of time,” Gupta added.

Onlinevarsity is only  available to the students who enroll in the Multimedia and Animation (ARENA) and Software Development (ACCP) courses through the Edulink International College which was recently named the APTECH’s Centre of Excellence in Kenya.

Mr Gupta explained: “APTECH / ARENA students get their user account on onlinevarsity after they enrol with us.  After confirmation their login details, they can access resource available on site. Onlinevarsity is now accessible on your mobile, giving you the true freedom to access anything, anywhere and anytime.”

The platform is can also be accessed on android phones and also by using the OnlineVarsity app and plans are underway to make it available to non APTECH students.

Other features of this platform include the ability to take down notes/queries while reading ebooks or watching videos, watching or downloading experts’ views/tips about various course-related topics during any downtime as well as the Onlinevarsity App which keeps a student connected to onlinevarsity on the move.

The reception of the platform is very positive with Edulink International College envisaging that they will enroll about 300 students in the first year.

Citing the success of M-Pesa (a mobile money service) and Ushahidi (a non-profit platform that crowd sources information during disasters, Gupta reckoned that Kenya, already a trailblazer in the introduction of out-of-the box technologies, is ripe for more home grown solutions to local challenges. Such initiatives, Edulink believes, will help to facilitate the shift from the traditional methods of learning to the blended learning system.

“People want to know more about technology and look for solutions that are convenient and save time. With the increase in the use of mobile apps to do shopping, payments and even bank transactions. Onlinevarsity offers the same to students- they will be able to use the same app to study and solve problems using IT,” Gupta concluded.