Brazil’s version of vuvizela

The version looks a bit sophisticated compared to the common one that requires lots of energy and skill I think they can grow head muscles with the stuff on the head… It looks massive- jokes aside…


Of soccer fans and booze

There is something about sports and booze; we see it more in football and rugby but am sure it happens in other sports too. But during the world cup, the beer consumption goes up; indeed just before the world cup,…


Vuvuzela haters get on to business

Just when I thought the world was done with the Vuvuzela debate, I receive this press release. But it teaches be that companies know how to take advantage of events, I think this company went out its way to manufacture…


Zain Kenya finally gets its 3G licence

This is the latest info from the Communications Commission of Kenya. ….. its now official, Zain was sharp to wait for the row between Orange and GoK to settle, nice things have come their way…. The information communication technology sector…