Kenyan Companies embrace outsourcing

About eight years ago, I had a conversation with one of Kenya’s leading technology technocrats about outsourcing. This guy has been there since the days of Kenya Posts and Telecommunication, so when he spoke about anything technology, he commanded the…

Kenya, Tech scene

Govt should centralise to improve security

In the last two weeks, a group calling itself Anonymous Kenya has terrorized government folks by hacking social media accounts belonging to Kenya Defence Forces, their spokesperson and the deputy president. The response from government folks was just laughable. Just…

Kenya, Tech scene

Kenic has a new CEO

Kenic, the organisation tasked with managing the .ke domain, has a new CEO. Who may or may not know anything about heading a registry and how to make .ke more stable and resilient. For background on Kenic, you can read…


Update: Liquid Telecom gets internet working

After a day of internet not working, Liquid Telecom got the internet up and running. There are about 400 people with more than one gadget, which probably makes the hitches understandable. I bumped into Paul Statham, Chief Commercial Officer at…