Kenya, Tech scene

What has the iHub achieved?

In March 2010, Kenya’s tech Community came together for a unique event; the opening of the iHub. After many years of discussions and Bar Camps on what was ailing Kenya’s tech community, the presence of an innovation hub was deemed…

Kenya, Tech scene

What Matiangi can learn from Ndemo

When it became obvious that Bitange Ndemo would not be taking over as the Cabinet Secretary in the Ministry of Information and Communication, the ICT community wondered who would wear the giant shoes left by Ndemo. To calm the nerves…

Tech scene

Feminist practice of technology

Last month three Kenyans were named among Africa’s 20 most influential women in technology by IT News Africa a Johannesburg-based online news firm. Of course the number was 20 but I was quick to rush and see who the three…


Gabon provides .GA domain names for free

My GA registry has opened up registration for .GA domains for free. My GA – the Gabon domain name – is operated by the Agence Nationale des Infrastructures Numériques et des Fréquences (ANINF) who pledges to make this national resource…


From Social Media Campaign to Action

Once is a while, Kenya’s social media or online constituency is touched by various causes. The most famous was Kenyans4Kenya and the most recent was Bring Zack back Home campaign. For some reason, both were led by Safaricom; either because…