CCK to renew Safaricom’s license

Mobile operator – Safaricom – will pay Kshs2.36billion (US$27million) for renewal of its operating license for a further term of 10 years. CCK has announced that the renewal of Safaricom’s license would depend on the operator paying the renewal fee…


The national broadband strategy launched

The Ministry of Information, Communications and Technology (ICT) has today morning launched the National Broadband Strategy (NBS). The strategy provides a roadmap to transform Kenya into a knowledge-based society driven by reliable high-capacity nationwide broadband network The NBS is a…


South Africa Government Snubs ICANN

South Africa is a very nice country; nice people, nice food, nice places, growing economy and most of all, the most developed in Africa, well that can be argued, but you get the drift. The best part about this is…