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SIM registration: operators can expect lower revenues

Few months ago, the Communications Commission of Kenya started a campaign requiring mobile phone subscribers to register their SIM cards in order to continue using the services. SIM cards enable users to communicate and transact using mobile devices. In a…


Kenya rattles Africa group at WICT

Diplomacy is tough, and its for the patient. So, if you are the type that likes to stick to the issues and make a decision fast, treaty making is not your place, stay away because these guys will know what…


African countries make voice heard at WICT

Yesterday and today seem to be the day for Africa to their voices and concerns heard. During the plenary yesterday, it was clear from the Africa group that issues of invoicing and sending of invoices were important and should be…


Keeping govts off the internet infrastructure

One of the major issues being discussed at the ongoing ITU meeting is internet infrastructure and whether governments should be allowed to regulate or have a role to play in the internet infrastructure business. ITU says it has nothing to…


Govts at ITU meeting labor to show consensus

Have you ever wondered why UN meetings and other government related international meetings take two weeks? Well, you are not alone, consider these scenarios: 1. Have 1,000 people editing a document 2. Have political rivals try to agree on words…


Safaricom, CBA, Launch M-Shwari

In yet another bid to increase financial services, from today, M-Pesa customers will have access to interest bearing saving accounts and be able to take out small loans through a new service, called M-Shwari. This is a strategic cooperation between,…

Africa, Domains

African governments raise voice at ICANN

Two days ago, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) revealed which governments had expressed intentions to oppose some of the applied new generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) and African governments had a good showing, Africa was ranked…