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ICANN: Africa must work hard too…

There are many African governments and citizens who do not understand the role of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. For some, ICANN should operate in the bottom later ensuring that we have internet access and that the…


Has your work been plagiarized?

I am sure for many people accessing information online, all you want is knowledge and for some it does not matter how you get it- its just information. Some may ask; so what if they picked it from one site…


New matatu…..old taxis

There was one intriguing thing in Addis, the Matatus looked new while the taxis looked old. Why? When you buy bigger cars meant for public transport, you pay minimal duty; when you buy a personal car, you pay 300% duty…..ouch……..


The AU is getting new headquarters

I am hoping this will mean no more crazy traffic during the heads of state summit. The building, sponsored by China, will have a hotel, conference and AU offices. This is good, but am sure security will force some leaders…