South Africa Government Snubs ICANN

South Africa is a very nice country; nice people, nice food, nice places, growing economy and most of all, the most developed in Africa, well that can be argued, but you get the drift. The best part about this is…


Google supports Africa interconnection efforts

Google has partnered with the Internet Society to develop and improve Internet Exchange Point (IXP) activities in emerging markets. Google, through its philanthropic arm- Google.org – has provided a grant that is expected to amplify ISOC’sprevious efforts in emerging markets such as Africa…


Govts at ITU meeting labor to show consensus

Have you ever wondered why UN meetings and other government related international meetings take two weeks? Well, you are not alone, consider these scenarios: 1. Have 1,000 people editing a document 2. Have political rivals try to agree on words…

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News from ICANN

ICANN constituencies meeting Day two at the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is all about constituencies meeting. It is the day that the country code Name Supporting Organization (ccNSO) members meet the board, and also start their daily…

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ICANN starts to make sense in Africa

In December 2004, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers held its first meeting in Africa. It came from the call for ICANN to demonstrate that it was international enough, and what better way than to rotate the meetings…

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Today is World IPv6 day

In January, it was announced that the first generation of internet addresses, commonly known as Internet Protocol version 4 was depleted. Globally, organizations can only use the new generation- IP version 6. But in Africa, we still had a block…